Mobile Application for Real-Time Market Data and Trading

About the Client

BNP Paribas is a France-based international bank group, which ranks eight by total assets among the world’s largest banks and operates on a global level with presence in 73 countries.

“BULPROS proved itself as a trustworthy provider of IT and Software Development services, demonstrating great expertise in the fields of financial instruments and real-time market and product data. The company successfully carried out the project and even exceeded our expectations, so we would be glad to work together with BULPROS in our future projects,” says Grégoire Toublanc, Head of Unit.

Business Challenge

The Frankfurt branch of BNP Paribas Corporate and Investment Banking wanted to keep traders informed about price changes and economic trends in real time and allow them to react quickly – buy and sell products, search for specific product information or contact the bank when needed.


The solution to this challenge required building real-time data in a mobile app. BULPROS successfully developed and implemented Trader’s Box – a mobile app with real-time data, deal execution and news feed featuring:

  • Real-time updates on price indexes, currency rates and commodity prices
  • Search for products, buying and selling options
  • Daily newsletter section containing digests for different spheres of the market
  • Newsfeed featuring the latest news and articles about economy and stock exchange

Value Delivered

  • Fast time to market thanks to agile implementation process