Cloud Automation Developer

Role Description

You will be building backend solutions most of which are based on TypeScript and/or object-oriented JavaScript. Those are to be used in large-scale data centers (think millions of virtual machines). For Linux OS-level configuration, you will be using Ansible, Bash, PowerShell. With infrastructure as code principles you will be engineering CI/CD pipelines, automated workflows, and services such as load balancer as a service, database as a service, … anything as a service.

We hire people from various development backgrounds: Java, .NET, Python, NodeJS. It is not the language but the seniority what matters to us.

You will act as a consultant to the customer by understanding and fulfilling their requirements, while communicating clearly (in English) with architects, developers, DevOps, quality engineers and project managers. Your solutions should be following best practices, be well tested and documented.

You would advise customers on technical topics on pre-sales calls. You could take part in technical interviews and mentoring less-senior developers.

Role Requirements

  • Understanding of virtual IT production data center
  • Experience with AWS, Azure, GCP
  • Experience with Kubernetes
  • Business-level English is a must. Second language (German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, French, Spanish, Italian) is a plus
  • TypeScript/NodeJS backend experience
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