QA Test Team Lead

Role Description

– Evaluates application requirements and design documents, and working closely with Product Management, Systems Engineers and architects to contribute to the Testing strategy for projects.
– Creates Tests and Test plans for the projects he/she has been assigned to as well to manage and coordinate the test related work with the local and global teams.
– Doing the job guided by the Quality assurance and Test plans, taking in account the Project master plan, marking advances and delays, and informing for all sort of issues.
– Creates and updates all sort of documentation related with the testing functions as well with the quality assurance.
– Suggests improvements to the processes, for better quality to be achieved.
– Examines the procedures, the working processes, and update them, when and if needed.
– To guide and support the fellow colleagues in their daily work, as well to share experience.
– Contributes to creation of training programs, plans and materials related with the processes and the products under test.
– Supports new comers, with providing orientation and introducing them to the company.
– Supports the initiation of projects, the collection of requirements and specifications.
– To participate in recruitment activities.
– Creates and maintains test data and regression test suites, including automation as a matter of course.
– Proficiency in developing, maintaining, reviewing and enhancing comprehensive test plan and test cases to cover functional and non-functional tests and automation.
– Reports, researches, and validates and tracks complex defects with consistent high quality.
– Proactive in issue and risk escalation, through effective collaboration and influence.
– Communicating testing status on a timely manner to QA manager and stakeholders as appropriate to ensure progress is known and team credibility is high.
– Researches tools and technologies that will allow increasing test coverage and minimize testing cost.
– Provides test estimates and schedule (including team needs), proactively discussing and agreeing those matters with team and stakeholders.
– Proactively contributes in retrospectives and defect escape analysis.
– Collects the queries related to the requirements and get them resolved by the business person (e.g. the client, business analyst, product manager or project manager etc.) assigned to the project.
– Plans, organizes and leads the testing kick-off meeting.
– Scopes the required tests.
– Design the required test strategy in line with the scope and organization standards of the employer.
– Creates the software test plan, get it reviewed and approved/ signed-off by the relevant stakeholders.
– Evaluates and identifies the required test automation and test management tools.
– Creates the test schedule (tasks, dependencies and assigned team members).
– Identifies any test metrics to be gathered.
– Communicates with the client or on site/ offshore team members, as required.
– Reviews the test cases and test data generated by the QA/Testers, and get them to address the review comments.
– Tracks the new/ updated requirements in the project and modify testing artifacts accordingly.
– Determines, procures, controls, maintains and optimizes the test environment (hardware, software and network). To assure the test environment resources are released once the environment served its purpose and it is no longer needed.
– Administers the project in the test management system, or any other system in use by the Employer.
– Assigns tasks to the QA/Test engineers based on the software test plan.
– Checks the status of each assigned task daily, and resolve any issues faced by the team members with their tasks.
– Re-assigns the testing tasks, as required.
– Tracks the assigned tasks with respect to the software test plan and the project schedule.
– Reviews the test functional/automation scripts created by QA/ testers and get them to address the review comments.
– Owns and maintain the test functional/automation suite of the project.
– Schedules and executes the test functional/automation scripts on the project.
– Reviews defect reports and assign valid defects to the relevant developers, etc.
– Assigns returned defect reports and assist the concerned QA/ Testers, as required.
– Ensures the resolved defects are re-tested.
– Plans, organizes and leads team meetings and ensures action is taken based on the team discussions.
– Reviews the status reports of the QA/ Testers.
– Reviews the time logged by the QA/ Testers for various activities.
– Keeps the QA/ Testers motivated.

Role Requirements

Excellent communication skills.
Proven excellent written and spoken English.
Highly organized with attention to the detail.
Excellent analytical skills
Excellent Influence skills
Excellent managing skills.
Excellent tutoring skills.
Creative and innovational decision making.
Ability to learn fast and well to work effectively and efficiently.
Team player with ability to manage multiple tasks at the same time.
To have strong leadership skills with ability to present ideas easy.
Highly enthusiastic with great work ethics.
Adaptability as we are looking for someone that can shift between projects and workload and be productive quickly.
Proactive behavior.
Ideally from a leading QA and Testing based background, with several leading positions in the past.
Excellent knowledge to the contemporary technologies for quality assurance and testing, for instance but not limited to: V-model, SCRUM, FDD, etc.; functional testing, non-functional testing automation, etc.
7 + years’ experience in the field of quality assurance and testing.
Either bachelor or master degree or equivalent experience is needed.

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