Benefits of BULPROS Cloud

Public clouds from the largest technological companies in the world are great! They offer hyperscale services, high infrastructure redundancy, Petabyte-data analytics and access to information and clients on a global level.

But what about organizations that need to start with a scalable development machine and don’t want to waste time learning how to bring up all essential resources, or a separate proof of concept environment that might just turn into a new production project. And how about assistance and consulting to help you build workloads in an optimal manner. BULPROS Infrastructure-as-a-Service might just be the ideal solution for such types of use cases.

Costs are a vital factor of any decision on where services and infrastructure should be deployed and operated. Public Clouds are vastly agile in this respect with OpEx options and billing per hour, even per second. The total price, however, is bundled with services that the organization might not need. We offer monthly subscription with transparency and predictability of the costs in contrast to Public Cloud providers.

BULPROS Infrastructure-as-a-Service

BULPROS Infrastructure-as-a-Service provides the same IaaS options, which are available on other cloud platforms:

  • Infrastructure redundancy
  • Infrastructure scalability
  • High availability
  • VM provisioning
  • Network security and virtual network isolation
  • Load balancing
  • Backup on a storage and VM level
  • Storage classes
  • Cloud management interface
  • IT support services
  • IAM

But unlike typical Public Cloud providers, we are providing you the infrastructure in a very transparent manner, and to confirm that we are capable of signing the necessary NDAs and contracts with you.

We aim to remove the abstraction layer between businesses and IT infrastructure. Public Clouds are renowned for the detailed documentation and specialist certification paths. It often takes a lot of skills to build a complex solution and to understand the services and some organizations don’t have the time and the resource for such kind of effort. BULPROS Infrastructure-as-a-Service acts as a hybrid-based solution between hosting services and public clouds. It can support customized infrastructure architecture design and workload development, proposed, build and managed directly by the team of experts, who are responsible for the deployment of the entire environment.

What we offer?

We offer additional options to create tailor-made solutions for businesses:

  • Advanced networking configuration
  • Shared storage scenarios and failover clustering
  • VM and service templates development, task automation
  • Console access

Customized OS deployment and migration capabilities

Why choose BULPROS?

  • Flexibility – we provide the same level of flexibility as a Public Cloud
  • Predictability of the costs – you know exactly how much you have to pay at the end of the month, no surprises, no traffic-related costs;
  • Expertise and support options – our experts can assist you if you don’t want to handle your environment yourself
  • Privacy – all the above with the security and trust backed up with customer-centric contracts

About the author

Ivaylo Barakov

Solution Architect at BULPROS 

Ivaylo is an IT professional with 8 years of experience in support services, cloud infrastructure and DevOps background. He is part of the Cloud and Infrastructure services team at BULPROS and in his role as Solution Architect, he has focus on cloud technologies, designing IT projects, automation and ITSM processes implementation.