Data Management – Increased competitiveness (and cost reduction) through data processing service center

Data Management – Increased competitiveness (and cost reduction) through data processing service center

Client Overview

The customer is one of Germany’s most popular and most widely used price comparison websites offering. It has 1 million products form 22 500 shops in 400 different categories and 300 000 visitors daily. Since 2006, the site has been regularly awarded with a TÜV certificate for its services.

The site offers:

  • Category-specific filters for product searches
  • Extensive product details in addition to price information
  • Highest quality of price and product information

The management decided to start a cost reduction process. One of the main steps was outsourcing the production unit “Quality” because of the high percentage of manual and repetitive tasks. The main objective was „High quality at an affordable price.“

Business Challenge

In order to manage increasing workloads and at the same time to reduce operational costs, the customer needed a trusted partner for the transition and management of a data processing service center. The greatest challenge was to increase the competitiveness of our customer by building a team that could review and ensure the quality assurance of the price and product information.

This processing service center challenge included:

  • providing the required number of employees with a comparable skill set to ensure a “made in Germany” quality, but at reduced cost
  • assuring competence of employees through candidate assessment and training
  • implementing all processes so that they comply with the existing quality requirements
  • offering a competitive cost model due to lower labor costs and radical process optimization actions


In 3 months BULPROS managed to organize and supervise the entire transition process of the data processing service centre to Bulgaria. The Managed Service Model was established, which means that all technology and process frameworks were provided and the customer could retain the strategic control and process authority.

BULPROS provided office accommodations, equipment, stuff and services required for the implementation of the tasks. With the excellent support by partnered staffing agency BULPROS quickly recruited a Team of 80 experienced data specialists & editors for the project. The working language is German and all assigned tasks are performed according to agreed SLAs and KPIs.

  • The main responsibility was related to content delivery (copy writing & product reviews). In particular, the Team had to perform:
  1. Data entry
  2. Data cleansing
  3. Data integrity
  4. Data enrichment
  5. Data quality assurance
  6. Data capture
  7. Data conversion
  8. Data analytics
  • Furthermore collaborative work processes were implemented between the German and Bulgarian office.
  • The Team was actively involved in knowledge sharing and optimization of existing tools and processes. This led to increased productivity.

Value Delivered

  • The project is ongoing and by establishing a successful partnership with the client, BULPROS has been able to grow the number of members in the team and to take on new responsibilities. Furthermore, we could bring the following benefits for the customer.
    • Cost savings of 45% (on an hourly basis) compared to the previous project setup
    • Quick reaction times and flexibility in the different tasks
    • Increased contribution to problem solving and decision making
    • Well balanced price / performance / quality ratio. Definition, capturing and tracking of SLAs and KPIs
    • Experienced recruitment: Quick on-boarding of a large team due to the existing BULPROS recruitment channels
    • High quality, as measured by agreed KPIs and SLAs
    • Managed Service Model with the strategic control and process authority in the hands of the customer
  • In addition, the customer was supported with testing new business models thus helping the company gain competitive advantage against its competitors.