Digital Workspace – Creating a Web-Based BSS Platform and a Delivery Center

Digital Workspace – Creating a Web-Based BSS Platform and a Delivery Center

Client Overview

The customer is a Brussels-based Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) company that services international virtual mobile operators, Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), which use the deployed networks of mobile operators as a transmission medium. The company has 14 MVNO launches and 7 MNO integrations. They have a single centralized infrastructure and all their clients share both the technology and the experienced team, no matter where in the world they are located.

Business Challenge

The customer’s technical solution consisted of multiple components based on various technologies that were integrated together. Its goal was to build a new platform which incorporates all business modules in one centralized web-based Business and Operations Management System, as well as to establish a 24×7 Network Operations Center in Bulgaria. The platform had to contain the modules: Order Management, CRM, Point of Sales portal, User Management, Administration and Reporting.


  • BULPROS extended the client’s expertise by providing end-to-end service, including technology consulting, analysis and development of the product, new solution architecture, implementation and a run-the-business team.
  • A complex and heavy loaded service oriented platform was created, directly connected to Amdocs, the telecoms’ B2B services. There was an asynchronous integration with the telecom’s business critical systems.
  • The introduced modern web-based user interface for self-servicing and point of sales was well organized, user-friendly and compatible with mobile devices/tablets.
  • Additionally, BULPROS quickly built a Product Support Team, which included 24×7 Network Operations Center and 3rd level Application Support Team
  • Technologies included: ASP.NET Web API, Microsoft .NET 4.5, Microsoft SQL Server 2012, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, .NET MVC, REST API, Amdocs v3 & v5, UI Bootstrap

Value Delivered

  • BULPROS created a unified repeatable solution with recurring batch operations, which is used by the customer for the seamless implementation of new projects
  • A fully operational Document & Contract management portal was launched with its core functionalities in line with the extremely tight initial deadline.
  • The established long-term partnership gained the trust of the customer and as a result their entire managed services were outsourced to BULPROS.
  • BULPROS supported the client in establishing new delivery center in Bulgaria and transferring the existing team there.