Enterprise Cloud Strategy Workshop – actionable points and tasks

Cloud Strategy designed to help enterprises in their Cloud Journey - find the best way to get there.

Client Overview

Our Client main activities are the purchase and rental (or leasing) of railway freight cars and locomotives.

Business Challenge

The customer was experiencing difficulties building a Cloud Strategy, because they didn’t have the expertise and internal resources to conduct an objective and independent assessment of their current environment. This assessment could help them decide which applications to move to which Cloud platform on the market.


The Enterprise Cloud Strategy experts team has conducted a one-week assessment including information and data gathering, customer meetings and interviews as well as an automatic asset assessment. The team has analysed the customer’s licensing structure, per application and system, and optimized their licensing through the Cloud technologies.

We have conducted our assessment with minimal input form the customer’s personnel and in parallel to all their daily activities, helping them make this assessment faster and without disrupting their other projects and activities.

Value Delivered

  • A detailed report providing the customer with a very detailed analysis and look into the current systems and situation;
  • A Cloud Strategy with actionable points and tasks;
  • A price analysis of the outcomes of migrating certain services to Cloud;
  • A commitment to carry out the recommended action plan and help implement the Cloud Strategy.