Find the right mix of technologies and approaches for your cloud strategy that fits in your specific business environment

Working DevOps? How about yes!

Working DevOps? How about yes! One of the most important requirements for both people and organizations today is to always be up-to-date with the latest trends and customer needs. Let’s take the mar

The IT support revolution Chapter 2

The IT support revolution Chapter 2 – market dynamics, security, automation To continue the topic on market dynamics, it is important to find out what has changed in the past decades. Before and dur

The IT Support revolution Chapter 1

The IT Support revolution Chapter 1 – needs, quality, market dynamics More and more companies are looking at the newest technologies available. By bringing such “bleeding edge” innovations into some

Private vs. Public Cloud

Private vs. Public Cloud – choose wisely 1. Cloud Approaches Overview As mentioned in my previous article Cloud Technologies Unveiled – a Look behind the Scenes - there are several approaches

Service Setup Roadmap

Service Setup Roadmap Focus on your core business competences and let us take care of your Customer or Technical Support. What will you find with downloading the Roadmap? Ramp-up process On-

Cloud Technologies Unveiled

Cloud technologies unveiled – a look behind the scenes “Cloud” is the buzzword for the last few years when it comes to IT infrastructure, isn’t it? And it has clearly become a business model for gia

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