Efficient email communication at highest level of security and performance

About the Client

Our customer is a leading reinsurance company and one of the largest life and health reinsurers worldwide. It has associate companies and representations in circa 30 countries and is divided into several business groups. The concern offers a wide range of traditional insurance products covering the full spectrum of technical insurance risks. In addition, it offers insurance-based solutions for business financing and complementary services.

Business Challenge

There seems to be no end to the rise in risks involved with content security. Not only are modern businesses continuously confronted with new viruses and spam, these risks have recently burgeoned. Spammers spread viruses by email and virus writers using spam as a means of transport for their ill-natured electronic cargo. For this reason, companies, at a progressive rate, need a comprehensive, flexible and tested content security solution. A solution that arms the user in today’s fight against future threats.
Our customer took on this fight in order to minimize the looming costs and loss of productivity from electronic attacks. The need for security software was exactly definable. According to the company’s Senior Systems Engineer the problem was that they urgently needed stable products that could filter out incoming spam, check emails for their content, and offer optimal virus protection as well as email encryption.


The search for a suitable solution to support the group’s global activities ended with the decision to opt for iQ.Suite as a comprehensive security package for the leading email platforms. The company’s IT managers selected iQ.Suite Watchdog as a reliable solution that scans all emails for the presence of viruses and worms and filters file attachments before they are stored on the email servers. iQ.Suite Wall was also purchased as a high-performance solution providing multi-level defense against spam, junk, advertising and phishing emails. These security components were supplemented by iQ.Suite Crypt to ensure confidential email communication.

Value Delivered

The advantages of iQ.Suite for our customer are obvious. As a result of the central administration and the server-based nature of operations, administrative and maintenance work has been significantly reduced for the 14,000 + users. At the same time, there is no need to distribute the software on all user PCs business-wide. What’s more, the set up reduces reaction times to attacks from new viruses.
Furthermore, iQ.Suite Watchdog enables parallel usage of virus scanners from leading manufacturers. BULPROS’s Watchdog provides another service: It recognizes a multitude of file types based on distinct digital fingerprints, which can be identified and then blocked thus putting a kibosh on the manipulation of files.
The main features of iQ.Suite Wall are equally impressive. Viruses are a central problem. However, extended content checking also belongs to the future of email management. iQ.Suite Wall is more than just an email filter. Using complex text analysis, it prevents discriminating content from being sent or received, and systematically filters undesirable information.
At the company, one of the key factors for the decision to use the iQ.Suite Crypt email encryption solution was the associated savings in user training and supervision. The solution is entirely server-based and operates transparently for the user. Above all, the combination of iQ.Suite Crypt with other iQ.Suite modules means that encryption and comprehensive content security are guaranteed at all times. iQ.Suite Trailer fulfills the requirements of eliminating liability risks in email communication and providing outgoing emails with a uniform appearance.
In addition to this, information can be automatically integrated in a time-controlled manner. Another reason for using this package is that it enables companies to specify information according to the user. In order to help business accountancy at the concern have a clear visualization of email costs in the future, iQ.Suite Budget was employed to provide appropriate budgeting structuring. Budgeting limits have become transparent and our customer’s entire email correspondence can be evaluated based on economic criteria.

The Future

The insurance company is very satisfied with the support it has received. The Senior Systems Engineer states that they are currently testing additional products from BULPROS that would allow them to configure their security solutions more efficiently. In addition, the customer is very satisfied with the communication between him and BULPROS.
Last but not least, according to our customer, businesses that are looking for a powerful holistic solution have to consider other aspects than the product itself. The reason for this is that it is not only important to have outstanding technology but to consider aspects such as support, flexible licensing conditions as well as the synergy between manufacturer and customer. All these factors play a decisive role and because of them, the reinsurance company has relied on solutions from BULPROS for 10 years now and is looking forward to further collaboration.