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Embrace the challenge of building your own SoC

Embrace the challenge of building your own SoC To protect their data, companies need to gain the necessary visibility and insights into what is happening in their organization. With the help

SoC Discussion in Bulgarian: CloudPAK for Security – one unique approach for building a better SoC

УЕБИНАР: CloudPAK for Security - един уникален подход за по-добър SoC Тема Компаниите по цял свят непрекъснато търсят начини да изградят или развият своите Security Operations центрове по най-оптим

SoC Discussion in Bulgarian – How to combine the right technologies, processes and expertise to build a working SoC?

Webinar: Как да комбинираме правилните технологии, процеси и експертиза, за да изградим работещ Security Operations Center? Тема Security Operations Center (SoC) е термин, който много компании изпо

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