Holistic security solutions to protect the business by securing data, identity, devices, infrastructure and applications for a safe digital journey

Targeted Phishing Attacks Hacked Top Executives

Targeted Phishing Attacks Successfully Hacked Top Executives At 150+ Companies Nowadays, we are facing a new type of targeted phishing cyberattack called PerSwaysion. Like most of the regula

Fake news and rumors

Fake news and rumors Fake news aim to manipulate. Health and safety instructions by unauthorized people can put you at risk. Using only reliable official information sources is more important

Your online privacy

Your Online Privacy During online communication, you make your data accessible and vulnerable to threats. Improve your online privacy skills to protect your data! Download PDF

Remote work

Remote work is a challenge that many people had to face without having time for preparation. These few tips can help you identify and prevent potential problems before they become a security

Phising Threats

Times of distress and chaos are perfect for phising threats. Do you know how to distinguish potentially dangerous emails? How about mails from the WHO? Here are some tips to help you cope with

Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection Endpoint protection is around for many years and most of us are considering it a commodity. We are used to talking about anti-virus software on our work stations and home

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