Client Overview

eMerchantPay provides global payment solutions and merchant account services.

Business Challenge

eMerchantPay requested the development of a new web-based platform for reconciliation of successfully billed transactions, generation and execution of merchant monthly billing statements, automatic calculation of rolling reserves and agent commissions. The platform had to operate with different currencies, integrated with various internal and external systems and providing online access to merchants.


BULPROS implemented the business requirements by developing SOA based platform with build-in core engine for generation of detailed billing statements, data gateway for monthly import of transactions, dynamic billing rules and dynamic fees formulation. In addition to the core engine, a web based administrative portal for overall management of the system and self-services portal with online access to private data was created. We introduced multiple services for integration with various internal systems and external systems like 3rd party payment gateways, internal payroll, currency exchange rates service, processing banks etc.

Value delivered

  • End-to-end service, including initial Technology Consulting, detailed analysis of the requirements, development of a modern solution, etc.
  • Tailor-made application that fits 100% of the business requirements of the client and digitalizes its business processes
  • Online access to the information which was previously processed and send-out manually
  • Modern platform which provides seamless experience to the employees and improves their productivity