Migrate emails, data and applications from an outdated platform to the Cloud. Your Digital Journey to the modern and connected cloud ecosystem requires careful planning and understanding of the platforms’ specifics. The transformation steps from IBM Notes and Domino to the Cloud include analysing, planning, building, migrating and supporting the corporate emails, data and applications, and require integration specifics and many dependencies to be considered before the process starts.


Mastering the migration of the email, data and application landscape into the Cloud with the help of a comprehensive solution for building a digital workspace. The outcome for the business is secured, archived and compliance ready notes data as well as redesigned and modernized applications. The right solution leads to cost reduction as well as to digitalization, automation and optimization of the complete business workflow.[show_more size=100 more=’show more’ less=’show less’ color=#0076ce]The Notes Cloud Transformation Suite is covering all complex migration procedures with a high automation degree thanks to professional analysis, archiving and migration tools. A dedicated unique team with expertise in both IBM and Microsoft technologies, services and products, guarantees professional support and guidance from the first assessment, through the migration process to the final operations in the Cloud.[/show_more]


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  • Are you considering migrating mail, data and/or application from Notes to Cloud environment?
  • At which stage of the modernization and transition process are you?
  • Do you still have issues or need of support in email, data and applications redesign, migration, validation, and cleaning?
  • How to utilize the benefits of the Cloud world and how to successfully migrate?

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Your organization is at the beginning of this journey and would like to derive maximum benefit from it. In that case, the well-planned holistic approach is the most successful way to run the migration. This scenario implemented by the right partner, who has all necessary tools, resources and expertise to create your business specific modernization process from the first steps in the Cloud through the transition to the validation and support, is the right way to complete it successfully.


  • Email Cloud Transformation Services

Migrating an email system to a new one represents a major intervention in the day-to-day business. However, this transformation quickly delivers significant efficiency increases and is, therefore, the ideal start for your IBM Notes migration.

[show_more size=100 more=’show more’ less=’show less’ color=#0076ce]Thanks to our unique combination of experts, tools, and processes, we are capable of performing email migrations from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Office 365.

  • Database & Data Cloud Transformation Services

The information about the existing infrastructure and the use of the systems gathered during the assessment phase provides the basis for the further migration and archivation of data & databases.

IBM Notes Databases that are no longer needed, are removed from the servers, and the relevant information is archived in accordance with the compliance regulations.

  • Application Cloud Transformation Services

When it comes to specific businesses needs and goals, the right approach to application migration is to apply different scenarios. Such a scenario for example could be the retirement of the legacy IBM Domino Applications by exporting data in order to archive or migrate it to various supported platforms. Another scenario could be the recreation of the existing applications in order to retain their business logic, as well as designing and building brand new tailor-made applications aligned with the requirements of the organization.

Based on the extensive expertise in Microsoft, Open Source technology stack, IBM, we are supporting organizations with the assessment of the existing IT infrastructure, development of application modernization strategy and successful implementation of the most suitable business scenarios.[/show_more]


Compliance & Improvement

  • Disable unused applications and reduce number of application servers and storage space.
  • Secure data & archive information – protect critical data with automated archiving and storage solutions, and retain access to all stored data. Encrypt and secure email messaging
  • Optimize resource management by using Managed Operation, Data & Backup Services.

Optimization & Modernization

  • Application modernization by using automated analysis and data migration tools.
  • Digitalization & modern processes – analyze existing workflows and simply rebuild them platform independently.
  • Enhanced business application functionality, enabling mobile and team collaboration.

Costs Reduction

  • Reduced enterprise license costs for server & clients, mailboxes.
  • Infrastructure consolidation and reduced costs for computing power, storage, and data backup.
  • Optimized costs for ¬†certified experts, Exchange, and Cloud thanks to the use of Managed Services.