Client Overview

International Mobile Virtual Network Enabler providing a platform-based transaction processing and management services for international MVNO brands, including their own.

Business Challenge

As a leading MVNOE provider, Effortel’s technical solution was built on multiple components based on various technologies which were integrated together. Its goal was to build a new Microsoft based platform which incorporates its business modules: Order Management, CRM, Point of Sales portal, User Management, Administration and Reporting.


We have extended the client’s expertise by providing end-to-end service, including technology consulting, new solution architecture, implementation, run-the-business team. BULPROS created a complex service oriented platform, directly connected to telecoms’ B2B services, Amdocs, with modern web based user interface for self-servicing and point of sales.

Value delivered

  • A repeatable solution which is used by the client for the seamless implementation of new projects
  • Fully operational portal was launched with its core functionalities in line with the extremely tight initial deadline
  • Long term partnership with Effortel which resulted in outsourcing their technology services
  • BULPROS supported the client in establishing a delivery center in Bulgaria and transferred the existing team