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The API economy is affecting all service industries, including financial services. Customers expect innovative services with fast improvement iterations. Regulations such as PSD2 in the EU force banks to open their systems to external players, while internal teams are still catching up with the required skills and mindset.

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Implement the BULPROS solution to embrace Open Banking and start defining new business models around banking-as-a-platform and providing value-added services for your customers. Use the regulatory requirements as a base for rebuilding your own services and launching new offerings leveraging the APIs. Initiate a cultural shift within the organization to enable the teams thrive in the new context.

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BULPROS PSD2 Compliance Package 

Create peace of mind in your compliance journey – we take care of maintaining your APIs up to date with upcoming changes in the PSD2 and beyond, with minimal effort on your side.

  • Secured and standardized access to third-party providers – achieve compliance with the regulatory requirements based on the Berlin Group XS2A Framework, adapted to your national requirements; support for Open Banking regulations in UK, Australia and other countries.
  • Guaranteed continuous compliance – we maintain changes coming to the Regulatory Technical Standards under PSD2 and beyond.
  • API management platform – managing your APIs in a private or hybrid cloud deployment, with multi-tenancy support based on the IBM Integration portfolio – IBM API Connect, IBM DataPower and IBM AppConnect Enterprise; flexible SaaS subscription model with a very accessible starting package, regardless whether you are deploying on premise or in the cloud.
  • Consent management – keep all PSD2 and optionally GDPR consents within the same Central Consent Management System, provided by BULPROS.
  • Quick time to market within weeks.
  • Support and community management services – engage and support your developer community and Third Party Providers.
  • SLA reporting – enable reporting of the API availability and performance according to regulatory requirements.
Open Banking Cloud
BULPROS Open Banking Financial Service on Any Device

BULPROS Open Banking API Package for Enabling Innovative Digital Services

Do not just comply; start innovating now with the same solution, with out of the box functionality and fast agile iterations.

  • Advanced APIs for own online and mobile services – standardize how your mobile, web and social services integrate with your business systems through a single set of APIs; govern them centrally and achieve fast innovation, while reducing the maintenance burdens.
  • KYC, onboarding and account opening – APIs to enable native video identification on web and mobile, without the need to install any plugins or apps, allowing partners to initiate account opening on the spot and enable partners and FinTech companies leverage your compliance processes for a fee – and growing your customer base.
  • Create API mashups to enrich your services – integration with consumer voice platforms such as Google Home and Alexa, API connectors such as IFTTT, mapping or imaging services.
  • Cognitive transaction services – provide enriched transaction or product insights to Third Party Providers thanks to integration with cognitive cloud services.
  • Loan origination – automate and simplify your own omnichannel loan origination capabilities and enable your partners to originate your loans, natively and without creating friction in their customer’s journeys such as buying a new home, buying a car, going to a vacation and so on.
  • FX – provide APIs to enable FinTech start-ups and corporate customers leverage the FX deal capabilities you already have.
  • Transaction banking – enable native integration with your corporate customers ERP systems and their internal payment approval and reconciliation processes; reduce the operational burden by outsourcing the integration support and communication with customer IT departments.
  • Other partner scenarios and monetization – let us discuss and co-create innovation scenarios that suit your ecosystem.

Strong Customer Authentication and Fraud Management

BULPROS has experience in delivering supplementary solutions to ensure cross channel Strong Customer Authentication and Fraud Management, aiming to provide superior UX while keeping risk at low levels.

IBM Safer Payments is a leading platform for real-time transaction risk scoring and it can work in concert with IBM Trusteer to protect your customer sessions across channels.

Open Banking Inspiration
BULPROS Open Banking Financial Service on Any Device

Private and Hybrid Cloud for Open Banking

Open Banking is a great opportunity to start the next phase of your Cloud journey.

BULPROS has extensive Cloud expertise. IBM Cloud Private is a natural extension to the IBM Integration portfolio, enabling enterprise-grade management of containers and microservices and unleashing the power of Kubernetes.

API Economy and Innovation Management

Wondering how to make sense out of this transformation process? We can help!

  • Executive and operational workshops – create awareness and co-create your new business models.
  • Innovation management – programs and hackathons for cultural transformation.
  • API Economy consulting – Open Banking, API Management and API Monetization consulting from industry experts.
Open Banking Inspiration


Strong industry background

Our Consulting team has solid experience in the banking and financial services sector in both technology and business domains.

Peace of mind out of the box

We take care of all the changes coming with Open Banking regulations such as PSD2 and beyond, keeping your APIs compliant with the Regulatory Technical Standards and the national standards. We can also support and manage your developer community to reduce the operational effort to your teams.

Innovation scenarios

Digital onboarding and KYC, cognitive services or originating loans through partners – innovate by enabling new digital services within weeks.

API Management experts

Our integration architects and developers have successfully delivered numerous highly complex enterprise API management projects for global banks and telecoms.

Holistic solution based on state-of-the-art technology

We provide a single regulatory and innovation enabling solution for API management, based on Cloud-native microservices architecture, bundled with supplementary solutions covering a broader scope such as customer authentication and fraud management.

Agile processes

We rely on agile software development practices in order to enable efficient delivery with adaptability to evolving needs and regulatory changes.

Quick time to market

Based on our standard solution package, we can enable your sandbox within a month and compliance project within few months.

Large resource pool

Our team consists of IBM certified experts as well as experienced professionals mastering various software development and integration technologies.

Thought leadership

Strong focus on Open Banking, PSD2 and RTS discussions in the last 2 years, participation in The Berlin Group Advisory Board, Open Banking consulting & implementation in EU banks, FinTech companies and payment processors.


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