SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) Calling

Many companies are using SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) solution for managing client relations as well as are using the corporate IP Telephony system based on Cisco Unified Communications (CUCM). This brings the challenge for the employees to efficiently handle inbound and outbound calls, enter call details in order to keep track record of the customer activities.

We developed C4C Calling – the first telephony integration widget for SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) and Cisco Unified Communications Platform. It offers the users an integrated and smooth desktop experience with call handling in both SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud without the need to install and manage a local adapters on the agents’ desktop. It enhances the user experience and efficiency for your Sales and Service Agents thus improving your business results.


C4C Calling is an integrated call handling and management of Cisco IP and soft phones into SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud user interfaces via centralized solution. Agents use a dedicated widget to make both, inbound and outbound calls from SAP C4C using Cisco IP telephony system (CUCM). The widget integration provides smooth user experience, improved call handling functions and increases the agent efficiency.

The solution is centralized and does not require additional work (i.e. installation and configuration) on the C4C user workstations. It can be hosted on premise or consumed as a service (SaaS) hosted by us.

Our SAP Cloud Calling solution is based on an industry standard JTAPI implementation to place phone calls, answer calls, receive phone events, and more. The Cisco Unified Call Manager (CUCM) exposes call control of phones and other telephony devices via JTAPI which enables custom applications to monitor and control the connected Cisco IP and soft phone devices.

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  • Place the call (inside the widget or directly from SAP);
  • Answer calls;
  • Hang-up calls;
  • On-Hold;
  • Call Transfer;
  • Missed Calls notification.
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Bridge the Gap with telephony infrastructure

Managing CTI enabled Soft phones and Cisco IP phones registered to Cisco CUCM version 10.5 and later.


User authentication via CUCM or SSO (SAML 2.0)

Easy Provisioning

Automatic discovery of user’s home cluster, CTI manager and registered controlled devices and lines.

User Control

Selection of associated controlled device and line if more than one is available.


Incoming call notification to SAP C4C with identification the client(s), if number is registered in SAP C4C. Outbound call initiation from SAP C4C Interface.

Organizational Efficiency

Calls are logged in C4C and can be handled later as contact history and more.